You may or may not realize it, but God has designed you to serve. You were hard-wired to make a difference! You are uniquely designed, on purpose. What you do has, and will have, an eternal impact. People in your classes, at your work, in your neighborhood, and globally are wondering "Where is God?". The answer is: "in YOU!". You are His hands and feet. You show up in others' lives because God has shown up in your life. What happens when you serve? You get to experience God in action. You get to see Him move.

There are several existing opportunities at Aletheia Norfolk to serve. We are currently looking for people to greet, help with parking, be an usher, serve in our children's ministry, or use your creative mind to help with our creative team.

Click here to fill out the form and indicate how you would like to serve.


Aletheia Norfolk is intentional about reaching college students. This is for several reasons. College is a time of unprecedented openness to all things, including the gospel. Many awakenings, both major and minor, have started through college students. Culture is shaped by this particular generation. Also, the nations are represented at colleges and universities. Simply put, If we can reach this group of people we have a opportunity to reach the world.

Some basic ways that we seek to reach this group is through our campus organization at Old Dominion University. We also have partnerships with FCA, CRU, and InterVarsity, as well as activities and community groups throughout the week.

If you are a college student, we would love to serve you and see you get plugged into our community here at Aletheia Norfolk. If you are not a student, we would love for you to pray for and invest in the life of a college student.


There are many great reasons why you might choose to serve in the Aletheia Jr. children's ministry. Perhaps you love kids, or maybe you have a passion for helping children learn about Jesus? I wonder though if you've ever considered one of the best reasons you could choose to serve children. Humility. 

"Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 18:4

These are the words of Jesus Christ to his disciples. For many of us in the "adult world" there are far to few moments when we are encouraged to bring ourselves down the level of a child, to see first hand what child like humility looks like.

Choosing to serve in the children's ministry of Aletheia Norfolk provides an amazing opportunity for those who desire to be great in Jesus' kingdom. A chance to get up close and personal with humility, where God can teach you while you teach others. For more information about our children's ministry, click here.